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CSDprocure is a product of Electronic Supply Chain and Procurement Enterprise (Pty) Ltd.

Are you a supplier that wants to register on the central database?

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By signing up as a Government Entity to use CSDprocure, you will get the following for free: -

  • Comprehensive Supplier Database
  • Specific Supplier Information
  • Extended Sourcing
  • Easy and Simple Setup
  • Communicate with suppliers
  • Request quotations from suppliers on a rotational basis
  • Automatic invitation of suppliers for an RFQ
  • Templates for the evaluation of these acquisitions
  • Full administration of RFQ
  • Full administration of Materials Master
  • Full administration of Requisitioners

To comply with the new SCM legislation, you will need to: -

  1. Create/import your Supplier Database
  2. Procure from your Supplier Database
  3. CSDprocure will migrate your suppliers to the central database
  4. When the central database goes live, CSDprocure will automatically utilise the central database to procure from.

By the way, if you need assistance with creating/importing your Supplier Database, CSDprocure offer the following Vendor On-boarding Services: -

  • Data Capturing/Importing services
  • Call Centre services
  • Converting Supplier Data to compliant XML format acceptable for migration

Contact us at 010-446-1998 to sign up