Migrating Suppliers

On the go-live date, you will only be able to procure from suppliers that are registered and verified on the central database. As such, it is critical to ensure that current suppliers utilised, get registered on the central database.

CSDprocure can help you with this process

CSDprocure can offer both a tool and services to help migrate your current suppliers to the central database.

Do you have a manual Supplier Database or one that is on an Excel Sheet? Not sure how to migrate/convert your supplier data to XML? Don't stress CSDprocure can offer you tools and services to ensure that your current suppliers are registered on the central database.

Vendor On-boarding Tool

Key Features:

Comprehensive Supplier Database

A complete Supplier Database that is fully compliant with the PFMA/MFMA and all its Supply Chain Management Regulations, including full synchronization with the central database.

Specific Supplier Information

The ability for suppliers to maintain their own organisational specific/custom data on the database.

Migration to the central database

Suppliers on the database automatically get registered on the central database.


Full compliance with all legislative requirements.

Vendor On-boarding Services

Key Features:

Data Capture/Import/Convert

CSDprocure provide a service so that suppliers can easily be captured or imported into the tool or converted to XML for migration to the central database.

Call Centre

CSDprocure provide a service to contact suppliers should there be any outstanding information.

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If you are a government/public sector entitity governed by the PFMA/MFMA, let us help you comply with the new SCM legislation.