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Depending on the types of procurement procedures utilised, the legislation has an impact on how these are implemented. The central database is not a procurement tool. For example, for Request for Quotations (RFQ), suppliers must be selected from the central database on a rotational basis. These implications need to considered to comply

CSDprocure can help you with this process

CSDprocure offers a FREE tool to assist in your procurement that is fully integrated.

Are you struggling to work out how to align your procurement (manual or systems) to ensure compliance with new SCM legislation? CSDprocure can offer you a tool to meet procurement compliance with all legislative requirements.

Key Features:

Comprehensive Supplier Database

A complete Supplier Database that is fully compliant with the PFMA/MFMA and all its Supply Chain Management Regulations, including full synchronization with the central database.

Specific Supplier Information

The ability for suppliers to maintain their own organisational specific/custom data on the database.

Extended Sourcing

Access to other suppliers that are registered on the central database.

Easy and Simple Setup

Easy and Simple Setup for quick implementation

Additional Value Added Features which includes the ability to:

  • Communicate with central database suppliers
  • Request quotations from central database suppliers on a rotational basis
  • Automatic invitation of these suppliers for an RFQ
  • Templates for the evaluation of these acquisitions
  • Full administration of RFQ
  • Full administration of Materials Master
  • Full administration of Requisitioners

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If you are a government/public sector entitity governed by the PFMA/MFMA, let us help you comply with the new SCM legislation.

eProcurement Solution

ESCAPE also offer a comprehensive eProcurement Solution.